His renaissance robot

Talked to Jen again last night. No change. I tried to explain… tried to talk… but I don’t think she’s really in a position, as a person, to really understand and grasp what I was trying to get across – or it’s something she doesn’t want to be true. It doesn’t matter, I shouldn’t hear from her again any time soon.

I’ve been working all weekend on the redesign. Well, on one half of the redesign. I tried showing a couple of people the work-in-progress, and … they didn’t understand. Either because they don’t understand the nature of Modern Evil or they don’t understand how web design works for content-based sites (ie: there is a main page – a portal, though I loathe the term – that links everyone to the content they’re looking for, and there are all the content pages, and there is a design that is for the main page and a design that is for the content pages, and while they should have some in-kind navigational elements, they should not actually be alike) or they’re using IE on Windows, and it look slike crap because IE doesn’t know how to use PNGs. Which sucks, but I guess my website will have to detect what browser people are using, and redirect them to … Mozilla, I guess, to get Firefox or somesuch functional browser.

Anyway, I’ll keep working tomorrow on it, and hopefully I’ll make the progress I need to make to get to the second half of the design (ie: the design for every single page but the main one) and whip that out, too. I’ll probably put the new main page design up anyway, even if it links to content pages of the old style. I am confident I’ll be reasonably happy with it by the end of the night tomorrow, barring any actual social activities. Sigh

Ahhhh… barring social activities. As though they needed to be barred to keep them out of my life. I went to the movies with my sister on Friday night. That’s something. Monday night I’ll almost definitely get to the Willow House for the on-going Monday-night writers meeting, and that’s social. That’s the residue of the most sociality I’ve experienced in the last couple/few years, and it peaked around mid-November. But it’s better than just coming home again, seeing no one, like I do every other night. So now is better than before, because instead of just going to the movies every weekend whether I have someone to go with or not, I also have this writers meeting to go to on Monday nights (assuming people are indefinitely able and willing to provide transportation – I live nowhere near any of them, OR the Willow House). So that’s better. But I still feel … un-social. Cut off, actually.

There is so much more I want to say, but won’t. The excuse tonight is it’s late and I’m tired and I have a long day of web-design ahead of me and blah blah blah. What I really want to do is take the car on the one day a week that neither my father nor I have it at work all day and go somewhere. But I guess he’s taking part of it apart tomorrow when he isn’t driving it to church. So now instead of wanting to go somewhere, do something tomorrow, I just hope that the car will work when I need to get to work on Monday morning.

I really am tired.

Stupid body.

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