Novel in progress

So, yeah.

I totally have a novel in progress. It’s National Novel Writing Month, you know. You know, right?

Anyway, I’ve been periodically updating the BitPass links on the right and the corresponding PDF files to include my entire novel-so-far. You know, so you can read along as I write it! I’ve just updated it with almost 10k new words, bringing the total wordcount to about 30k (sixty-two 8.5×11 pages of single-spaced, 12pt text), all for less than $2.50!

Or save even more (this is fun to say) by spending more! For only $5 you get access to a file that will eventually contain the entire novel, instead of just access to download whatever the interim version is and then having to buy it again every time I update.

See how I give you options?

Want more options? Let me know!


What do you mean, you want to know what it’s about? Weirdos. I don’t even know what the novels I’ve completed are about, really. It’s all open to interpretation. But from what I hear about the one I’m writing right now, it simultaneously re-writes Harry Potter (to some people’s view; I disagree) and tells a much more mature story. I mean really – you’re not going to read about a virgin being mysteriously impregnanted without sexual contact, months of invasive (yet accidental) voyeurism, and dodgeball that involves fireballs in Harry Potter, now are you?

Here’s an excerpt from a recent scene:

Trevor was really at as much a disadvantage as everyone

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