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I’ve just completed comics for this week. After that and three more weeks, there will be 101 ME24 comics completed and online, basically on-time M-F for 20 weeks. September 10th is the date for the 101st comic.

Does anyone want to see a 102nd comic appear as though normal come September 13th?

Does anyone care to see the rest of the comics for this week?

More and more this website is devolving from what I wanted it to be into a pointless masturbation. My bizarre/awful posts, my bizarre awful comics, me shouting into emptiness asking for something, anything, and getting nothing. Interrupted only by the occassional muttering from the peanut gallery and nearly overcome by the static from the neighboring radio stations, my little piece of shit site is becoming everything I never wanted it to be: just me.

And if you think you have a personal stake in my life, feel free to disregard all of this – it’s my depression, my 2 AM when I have to be up between 5 and 6, my self-doubt and self-loathing and a sea of stress about what might be so awful about me that people are afraid to mention it as they back slowly away run away screaming as fast as their legs can carry them, and how I’ll be able to afford to live (effectively) alone again. Except not in a part of town where I can get to everything I need/want on foot or bike. Working for a company two or three times further away from my home for half the pay I was burning through the last time I lived alone. If anything I say seems harsh or pointed or otherwise unpalatable, just toss it out; I’m probably just screeching like a zombie rat in a vice – the pressure is unbearable, the pain unstopping, only increasing, and I just can’t seem to die.

Actually I’m mostly not saying anything at all.

Out of discretion.

Probably I’ll give that up soon, too.

Go the way of strict dieting, an exercise plan, and any positive feelings of self.


I should be sleeping.

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