Looking forward, looking back.

Looking over the numbers, it’s been a pretty sad month. Looking up from early projections, but still pretty sad. I’m going to bed soon. Going to work on a few things tomorrow… getting the tables finished, making a decision about this melty … thing, helping Heath get his lamp together after school… and then we’re off to Phoenix for Thursday night and Friday. Dad and I will return to Pine Friday night, and Heath will stay for a few additional days.

I’m not 100% on what I’ll be doing in Phoenix, except perhaps for watching The Day After Tomorrow and hopefully buying some lamp shades. Need some lamp shades.

Anyway, aside from whatever I get done tomorrow before we leave, my numbers for the month don’t look to be changing much. (For those of you who don’t get it, Triober (month 3) ends in two days (those days being 364 and 365.1), so my tracking of stats for the month ends around the time I get back from the valley.) Looks like 38.5 hours dedicated to art, a little over 22 hours focused directly on actual furniture-building, and 3 hours writing (fiction – not blog entries). With a couple of good hours working on the tables and lamp tomorrow, I may get from ~22 to ~25 or 26 hours. Though that’s generous, considering how things tend to go around here. Still, really weak numbers, I’d say.

Sure, that doesn’t count things like spending most of the day today loading beams and trusses onto a truck to the point of exhaustion, or helping water for a couple of hours after supper tonight, or the day of work the other day getting the beams ready to be loaded, or the several hours wasted trying to frame “Screw Moo” to no avail. It only counts dedicated hours of focused work on a particular area. It certainly doesn’t count time spent gathering materials, wandering around in the woods looking for trees to use for wood for furniture, or standing around for hours talking about the furniture we’re going to build. Which in the modern American workplace would all be billable hours.

So don’t try to compare my hours to yours. This is mostly for me to see that … well, to see that I don’t leave every box but sleep empty on my chart. A day where I don’t work on art or furniture or writing, a day I also don’t exercise or shower, that seems like a day I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, and it sounds like a day I wasn’t even working toward my other goals by building furniture. Blanks on the chart help motivate me. Right after the last post about the chart I had a string of four or five good days where I didn’t leave all those spaces blank. That’s when I got “Screw Moo” done. And all the work I can do on my own for a new floor lamp, which now lives in furniture limbo, waiting for help from my father on the next step. Maybe we’ll do it tomorrow.

Or maybe he threw out one of the pieces I made for it.

Bah. It’s nearly midnight. I’m trying to go to bed earlier and get out of bed earlier. You know what they say about “early to bed, early to rise…” It cuts back on my creativity and makes me feel like an ineffective tool.

That’s what they say, right?

Anyway. Maybe I’ll break into Learning Perl. I’ve got it from the library on inter-library loan. Maybe I’ll just keep working my way through Against All Enemies. Maybe I’ll just pass out. Dunno.

I’ll try to get some (camera) photos of the other tables for you before I leave tomorrow. You know, in case they miraculously sell before I get another chance. And maybe the melty thing and Heath’s lamp, depending on how things go.

Looks like the last of the 25 “original” ME24s is going up right now. I have … at least three weeks worth of additional comics backlogged, and … should I find the time, will easily maintain a good lead on them to insure you daily (M-F) comics for your pleasure. Did I mention I’m thinking of offering limited edition ceramic figurines of the characters from ME24? Any interest out there? They’ll be cute!

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