Books are in – I am coming to town

I received my shipment of my books today. Hooray! They look good – the only problem I could have had control over is so minor that I doubt others will notice it.

It looks like I will be heading to Phoenix Tuesday/Wednesday with my father, so if you are interested in buying (or already owed) a copy of one of my books, please contact me before then to arrange the transfer. Prices are the same as on the web, though you will be saving on shipping, of course: Lost and Not Found = $20, Dragons’ Truth = $16.99, and The Vintage Collection = $15. Email me.

Marie, you’re on the list. Zoe, you’re due at least one book. Angela wants a couple. April, you up for a book or two? Anyone else? They’re good. Contact me. I’ll be contacting others directly as they occur to me, to gauge interest. And of course, they’re available in the store up here for purchase as well.

It goes without saying that any of these copies is available for signing by the author, since I’ll be the one hand-delivering it to you, if you please. These books are all First Edition as well, so may go up in value over time – if you care about that sort of thing. I just think they’re good books.

And if you don’t live near Phoenix or Pine, Arizona, you can still order any of the three books directly from my online store:

Click here to visit the Modern Evil Press online bookstore.

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