SPAM comments suck

Okay, after several days working on the comments system, if I still get SPAM comments today I’m going to delete the file that allows comments to be made on Modern Evil and see if the SPAM comments continue. If I remove the website’s basic ability to allow comments to be processed and SPAM comments continue to appear, I’ll know it’s outside of my control. And go kill myself. Or … try again. I don’t know. It’s been a fair amount of work already and I looked around and no one else seems to have a successful solution to the problem, so I doubt I’ll be able to.

If the ‘solution’ I’ve implemented works for the rest of Modern Evil, I’ll remove the “pay to comment” from FYTH. If it doesn’t work, I’ll … somehow make it more intense. Actually, I’ve practically already got it set up. In fact, I can test it if/when I remove the rest of the commenting functionality from Modern Evil, and just leave the protected copy in place. Then, theoretically, no one will be able to post comments anywhere on Modern Evil except on FYTH, if they pay to do so. We’ll see how it goes. If the site goes a couple/few days without new SPAM comments, I’ll remove the ‘pay to comment’ lines all over FYTH.

What else?

Damn! I’ve only just now remembered to take the clamps off the little tabletop I was gluing together. I was supposed to take the clamps off at 6PM last night, before bible study. Except I forgot. And then I was supposed to take them off last night around 10PM when I got back from that and grocery shopping. Except I forgot. So … 5AM isn’t too late, is it? I suppose not. The four pieces of wood appear to be thoroughly glued together, from what I could tell… I just ran downstairs in just my underwear to take the clamps off. So… they’re off.

And I’m off my rocker.

So, anyway, that’s what I was about to say: I managed to get the tabletop cleaned up and glued together, got the hole drilled and tapped into the manzanita finial I’d cut and shaped for my floorlamp before bible study. And dad talked to Becky and Gary about the stuff in the shop, and says he’ll pack up the rest of the stuff this morning. He’s also, soon, going to be spraying (finishing) his hutch and my floor lamp. After which I can drill the hole for the nipple, string the power cord through the lamp, hook up the rest of the hardware, get the lampshade on, a pricetag on, and get it out for sale. Which will be good.

Tomorrow dad and I will finish clearing off those shelves in the store and get them disassembled and get all the boxes of stuff carried out of the store… so that, as I described before, Jim and Nancy will be setting up the front half of the store with their stuff and opening up shop. Which actually also means dad and I have got to move all the tools and wood and work stuff out of the back half of the store and back into the warehouse tomorrow, too. Which is why I moved back ‘going to Phoenix’ from Wednesday to Thursday. I’ll be in town Thursday and Friday, now, it looks like.

I’ve got some shopping to do for dad. Some on Thursday, to get it out of the way, some on Friday, because it’s groceries. I have to go to Home Depot to return a tool we purchased for me that … just doesn’t do the job. Oh, and to pick up a few things… a list has been forming. I have to go to a welding supply place to get a welding helmet fixed. I have to buy some new pajamas and a bath mat for my new bathroom, plus a couple of new pens. And I have a growing list of things to get at Sam’s Club, and now I’m also supposed to try to locate an Albertsons to get jam. And I’m supposed to pick up a “brother” while I’m in town, too.

Oh, and if I have time, perhaps do something I’d like to do.

Actually, that’s why it’s two days instead of one; to give me the time to get the stuff done I’ve got to get done and still have time for me. I don’t know how I’ll figure out the money on it, but I’d like to see at the very least Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, hopefully also Dawn of the Dead, and if I can find the money/time, Taking Lives. All three open Friday. And in my current depressed state, I can hardly resist spending whatever money it takes to see them.

Fuck. A SPAM comment just came in. I’m killing the commenting ability across the site… now.

Okay. Like I said, the only place that comments should be possible is from the pay-only comments on FYTH. And that only works with password protection. Hah! Try to SPAM my comments NOW! Actually, I’ll remove THAT TOO!!


Of course, I actually expect the comments to keep appearing. And then, seriously, I’ll go shoot myself. Gha!

(Okay, not seriously. But you get the idea.)

So, if you see 404 errors for a while, that’s why. Not that you’ll see this post, but … I’m posting it anyway. Mwahaha!

Fucking SPAM.

I’m tired. Sort of. Tired physically, not too much. Tired of SPAM, quite a bit. Tired of … a lot of things. I’m going to bed. Night.

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