Quickly, before I pass out…

Seriously, I’m on my way to bed after spending the last seven or eight hours (I’ve lost track; Iain, when did I say I was starting?) simply drawing an ambitious experimental comic tonight. I created 138 .gif files tonight. I have no idea how many “panels” they make up. I probably won’t after I get through putting it together, either.

Wow. Eight hours? Longer, if I count writing the paper script. This is taking a while. And the next step, the actually getting it put together into DHTML and JS and working and tested and wonderful and all that business, all the coding that it’s going to take to string these 138 images together into a coherent whole… I expect it to take at least as long as the drawing took, if not … two or three times longer.


Oh, here’s a quick pic of the lamps I just finished. I’ll get more online when I’m not about to pass out.


Anyway, yeah. I’m physically tired, not just because of the long day, but from the drawing. I don’t know how many of you draw, but have you ever done it eight hours straight? Starting at the “end” of the day, for that matter? Not the best idea. But I didn’t want to stop before I had the entire thing drawn. Success!

And now, sleep, and tomorrow … sanding, I think. And then more sanding. And then later that day, coding. Whee!

Anyone want to buy a lamp?

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