Pringles – Spicy Cajun & Fiery Hot – product review

So, I was buying some pringles recently, and under the influence of TV commercials, in addition to regular and sour cream & onion pringles, I grabbed a can each of Spicy Cajun and Fiery Hot pringles. The TV commercials imply that the Fiery Hot ones would induce screaming and great pain, which, occasionally, is something I enjoy.

So first I tried the Spicy Cajun. If you’ve ever had Pringles’ Mesquite BBQ, the Spicy Cajun have almost precisely the same flavour as the Mesquite BBQ.

Oh, right. Except plus burning.

That’s right, they taste like burning.

I assume they’re using something like capsacin for the burning sensation on my lips, tongue, and … well, other parts of my mouth. Nothing too severe, but compared to, say, regular Pringles, it’s like eating burning. Except the flavour is Mesquite BBQ.

Then I moved on to the Fiery Hot Pringles. I can say defininitively that the Fiery Hot Pringles are just that; they are very much more like burning. Perhaps more capsacin. And yet … less good.

See, the Spicy Cajun Pringles at least had a flavour. The Fiery Hot Pringles … they’re just … fiery hot. No appreciable flavour. Just burning. Plenty of burning. Not very good.

I would not personally recommend Fiery Hot Pringles, unless … I guess you like … sprinkling capsacin on your potato chips. But the Spicy Cajun are pretty good, if you like that sort of … BBQ flavour plus actual burning sensation. I think I’ll stick to regular and sour cream & onion in the future, myself.

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