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As soon as these pain killers kick in, I’m going to head downstairs and work on sanding for a couple/few hours. I didn’t wake up today until around 3:30PM, but … I didn’t get to sleep this morning until after 6AM again. I was working on the code that allows people to select/deselect each area of Modern Evil to appear in the version of the main page that they see. Like most anything else these days, I did it because it was something I wanted.

I’d noticed lately that my own site was … well, boring to me. Post after post after post, dozens of comments, and I didn’t care about most of it. For a while it was tolerable, but Pretty Pistol just … I don’t know, it got on my nerves. That’s a very popular style of blog. There are a lot of blogs that have almost exactly the same style of posts and the same demeanor and I don’t read or want to read any of them, either. Alison, this isn’t anything against you as a person, but … that style of blog just isn’t for me. And now I don’t see it at all.

Sorry about FYTH. It’s uhh… special. Due to an … anomaly in the way I originally coded the current aggregator, FYTH cannot be turned off by the method used to filter the others. I’ll look at making it more universal in a future version of the aggregator. You know, the version I write that can detect and read RSS 1.0, 2.0, and perhaps Atom, without requiring any custom fields, and to which can easily be added ANY blog or site with a feed? Yeah. That’s down the road.

But seriously, I shouldn’t be doing all this coding. I should be writing. This time is Focus On: Writing, not Focus On: Coding. In fact, I don’t even have a Focus On: Coding scheduled. Maybe after another year or more. Can you imagine what would come out if I spent four months Coding? Man. If I did a little planning ahead of time, a bit of brainstorming and forward-thinking, I could probably write an OS better than windows in that time. Hah! But really, who couldn’t? What does it take to be “better than windows”? I kid. But imagine my website. After four months of intensive coding, It might be able to read your mind!

Anyway, off to work…

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