I took a shower.

Took a shower today. Apparently I can’t wash off my tan lines or my bruises. Weird. And then walking around with wet hair … not the best, but once it had finished drying, pretty nice. Nice to be clean once in a while. Checking my calendar, it looks like over two weeks since my last shower.

Up here, it’s not that I’m not getting dirty. Physical dirt is abundant. Stink I don’t usually get, but sometimes I can’t even see my arms through the built-up grime. And at the end of the day, I’m sitting here at my computer and my shower is literally in view. The door to my bathroom was installed behind my computer desk, so as I sit here now, I am looking through the door across the bathroom and into my shower. But I look at it and… somehow there’s no motivation. So I’m dirty. If I clean myself, I’ll just be dirty again tomorrow.

On this place you can’t go twenty feet without getting dirty one way or the other. I changed clothes before going to bible study last night, into a clean shirt and pants. I didn’t even make it out of this building before my pants were visibly dirty. Literally, there was dirt on my pants. it’s ridiculous. So if I’m just going to be dirty again, why bother to clean? I wash my hands before I eat, sure. But I’m not eating with my elbows. Do my elbows need to be clean?

I don’t know. For some reason I’m real tired. I think I’ll try sleeping.

Oh. I got all three Netflix DVDs today. I tried to watch Session 9, but can’t get to the end. The last 15 minutes are apparently scratched beyond repair.

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