DVD, CD, QAF, and ME

Frankly, I should be sleeping or writing or … something. Writing fiction or poetry or code. Not writing this. Not rambling about my own tired life. Not watching my QAF DVDs in the middle of the night.

I watched all of Season 1 last week, and I’ve just started in on Season 2. Season 3 is out on DVD now and … well, if Zia gets a used copy of Season 3 in and I also have the extra money for it before they stop holding it for me, I’ll watch that for the first time then. Though I do also have Season 3 on my Netflix queue a couple dozen discs in, depending upon how things go. I’m torn, actually. On one hand I want to take my Season 1 and Season 2 discs to Zia and trade them for … well, there’s almost always something I want at Zia. I’m also going to be spending some time going through all my CDs and DVDs at length and putting together a set of things to try to trade in at Zia.

Sigh. I think I’ll go work on that right now, while Season 2 Disc 1 runs itself out. Maybe start Disc 2 if I’m not tired in half an hour.

UPDATE@5:44AM : I’m just about to be half-way through Disc 2, I’ve sorted out … a lot of CDs and a few DVDs to … deal with. The plan, the current plan, the one that goes against certain of my ideals but sits fine with my financial situation, is to rip all the CDs to AAC files and drop them onto a couple of DVDs and off my HD before I try to trade them into Zia. You know, in case I decide later I want to hear one or two of the songs on these albums. Looking back at these stacks, I bought a lot of these albums for one good song or … in many cases because I liked one or two or three songs on another album the band did and have no idea what’s on other albums but I bought everything the band did. And I don’t need that.

So, there we go.

And here I go. Off to bed. I’ll start ripping tomorrow, I suppose. ‘night.

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