Bowflex surprize

This morning, just after I laid down to sleep, my brother was doing his morning workout on the Bowflex and …

He broke a power-rod.


Luckily, the power-rods are covered by an “unlimited” warranty. I called and in under 13 minutes they’d updated my account info (address, phone number) and set up the order to send me a replacement power rod.

At first she wanted to set up an RMA, and have me ship the broken rod in before they’d send out a replacement. I had no problem with that, but asked if she was going to send a call tag or shipping label; the power rods aren’t light or small, so I don’t know how much shipping would be. She asked he supervisor and then said she’d just send me the replacement rod.

So. That’s something.

After I get the replacement rod and get it switched in, I’ll dis-assemble and photograph the broken rod, and put it online. It’s interesting. it broke in two places.

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