Ah, waking up before noon.

Ah, waking up before noon.

I almost got up at nine, but … Well, I figured the internet was in use by my father and just lay back down for an hour. I needed the sleep anyway. I didn’t get to sleep last night until after 2:30AM anyway; I was experiencing severe pain in … well, imagine it was so low in my back that it was in my hips … and no matter how firm or soft I set my matress, I couldn’t find a comfortable setting. I think it might have something to do with my posture in chairs. I’ll be trying to be more conscious of that, see if it doesn’t help.

I’m going to take this lamp downstairs today and put it into the store. Also going to have to take a look at that piano, apparently. I hear it’s been working it’s way through the floor, so I’ve got to work with my father very soon to modify it some. Just put it’s fourth foot on and boards under all four feet when it’s off the dolly finally, to spread out the weight. Nothing too serious.

Only four more short stories left in my “Vintage” collection now. Perhaps by the end of the week it’ll all be online. Would that convince you to read it? What if I format it nicely and put it together into a short printed anthology, available as a paperback from CafePress? It’ll be significantly more expensive that way, but perhaps in a paradigm of publishing you’re more comfortable with.

I haven’t been exercizing very much. I have trouble getting myself to do it. I don’t have a set schedule by which to exercize or create a habit of it. I don’t have a set schedule for much of anything around here. I’m not sure I really want one, most of the time. Having a set schedule just means being frustrated that things never go to schedule. Around here one doesn’t get much control over when things happen; it’s up to the whims of the grandfather and the father what the sons do, and when. The more scheduled thing to happen around here is supper. We always sit down together for supper, and after supper there is almost never some required activity for us to do coming down from on high. Except right after I eat a large meal is not exactly the time I want to try to do stength training. Certainly not abdominal exercizes. But for me, scheduling something to occur say, an hour after supper, it just doesn’t seem to work.

I guess I just need to learn how to force myself.

Making a list of things to do today, most of these items are either left over from yesterday or modified versions of same. Like … yesterday I wanted to “think about varnishing the small table I made” and today I’ve got “try to start varnishing the small table” on the list. Exercise is on the list, but it was on the list yesterday, too, and didn’t get done then. Of course, I did end up doing some manual labor for a couple of hours that made me a fair piece tired almost right after I woke up that I felt was a good excuse not to work out on the Bowflex.

Here’s a question: Do I try to shower before bible study tonight? I doubt it. I’m not a big fan of showering, most of the time.

Oh, and here’s an interesting thing about my experience with Comictastic so far: it’s slower than just going to the page of my most favorite comics. I have no idea what it thinks it’s doing in there, but it doesn’t share my small bandwidth nicely (which my browser does if I’m loading a comic in one tab and something else in another) and takes a heckuva long time to download the comics. This is where a nice idea and poor programming come together, I suppose. I’ll keep trying it, but … I think the programmers are on broadband. And if so, what’s the point of the thing, again?

I’m getting hungry, and I seem to have been playing around for nearly an hour here, so I think I’ll get dressed and go down and see about getting some food in me. Then I’ll get started on doing the things I just put on my To Do list, plus whatever exciting tasks my father/grandfather have cooked up for the day. Yay!

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