Late night rearranging

Last night after I posted that, and after I waited for my brother to go to bed, I re-arranged parts fo my room so that there was no longer a totally trip-able mass of cables and components growing out from the base of my entertainment center like something out of the Desert of the Real. Instead, it now looks almost entirely like a normal entertainment center. The components, the consoles, all the hardware is actually on shelves and in the unit. The wires go out the back and out of sight (and out from under foot). I have four components cleverly connected to a three-way switch, so everything works in turn, and the XBox plugged in in such a way that it … overtakes the signal when it’s on. Except for the switch (which does come through to the front for ease of use), the whole thing is much more attractive than it was before, and much more practical.

The biggest little bump is that Heath’s computer is no longer easily connected to the setup. It’s not TOO difficult to hook up, but … when it is hooked up, it’s in the walkway. Sigh.

Anyway, off to sand something.


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