I am so tired

But here’s a quick post, anyway.

Got a smidgen further with my lamps today. Floor lamp is glued together and ready for final touches before finishing. Table lamps have two coats of finish, which should be enough. The second coat was done going on at around 9:30PM tonight, so they should be “safe to touch” … well, according to the label it’ll be 9:30PM tomorrow night. But I’ll probably move them before then. I’m a real risk-taker. All they need now is nipples, electric and fixtures, shades (already purchased, just waiting) and they’re ready for sale. I should have photos online this weekend. I’ll start finishing the floor lamp tomorrow (I hope) and should also finish it this weekend. Again, photos will be online as soon as it’s done.

In case you don’t look at Modern Evil‘s main page, I’ve started transcribing the short stories and poetry I found recently, which dates back about 8 to 12 years, depending on the piece. I’ve decided to put it all online in its original form, word-for-word, and to call it my “Vintage” collection. I will very likely re-write much of it for quality and clarity and accuracy at a later date, but right now you get to enjoy it all exactly as I produced it when I was in high school (or thereabouts). I’m asking a few cents for each piece, about a dime per short story and one to five cents (or so) each for poetry, or you can buy access to the entire collection for $1.50. People who buy the entire collection will get a few “exclusive” items, as well, that won’t be available for individual purchase. There are over ten short stories and over forty poems in the collection. I’m going to try to get it updated regularly; I’d like the entire collection online within two or three weeks at most. I hope you at least take a look at it; there’s a lot of good stuff in there.

In addition, take a look at this stick figure comic trying to sell my novel. See, CafePress allows merchants to get a “bulk discount” on their own items when they buy 15 or more of a single item. On my novel, the “bulk discount” is about $5 a copy. The idea presented in the comic there, in case you were too lazy/disinterested to click, is that if I can get at least ten of you to order the book for $15 (+$2.50 S/H to cover me re-shipping it to you), that’s just it; I can offer you the book for $15. Heck, that’s what new trade paperbacks from major publishers, available through major chains cost! You can afford that! And if you also want to read the “Vintage” collection, you can buy both at once for only $18, (that’s $15 for the book, $2.50 for the Shipping, and only $0.50 for the entire “Vintage” collection!). So, yeah.

If you’re interested, follow the link to the comic and order it. Or if you have feedback regarding it, comment here (or there). And if you haven’t read them yet, take a look at the Excerpts from Lost and Not Found – they tell you more about the novel than I usually seem to be able to when I summarize, and give you a good idea of the writing style, while introducing you to some of the characters. Yeah. It’s good.

Did I mention that anyone who orders the book through this promotion has the option of having their copy signed/personalized by the author? Or not, if you prefer. I’m just that nice.

I’ve also started using my Bowflex again, finally. So I’m sore all over. My brother is also using it, so hopefully we’ll both be able to encourage each other to keep it up, and we’ll still be doing it in a month and in three months and when you see us at the Comicon this summer we’ll have amazing muscles. Or maybe just be really, really sore. It’s hard to say. I’m thinking of posting the resistances I’m able to do on each of the exercizes I do, perhaps on the side over there, maybe under Fuck 50lbs To Hell. It’s not impressive right now (and some of the numbers may never be) but perhaps it will be part of a motivator for me, a reminder that I ought to be working out, in case I stop.

I think I’ll try to sleep now.

And if that doesn’t work after … 30 or 40 minutes … I’ll probably transcribe “Don’t Squeeze The Charmin” and make it an exclusive story for people who buy the entire “Vintage” collection.

Or not. We’ll see.

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