24-Hour Comics Day, the 4-Hour Comics Way

I’m really just brainstorming here, but hey, Iain (and whomever else wishes to join us), how about on 24 Hour Comics Day, instead of doing one 24-Hour Comic, we do four 4-Hour Comics?

This would not only challenge us with producing four times the material in the same time period, but it would leave us a full 8 hours for sleeping and other distractions during the course of the 24-hour day.

I’ve “penciled” it into my iCal. Your feedback is encouraged.

Personally, I think it would be helpful in some regards, since the way I’m thinking of it you’d be allowed to switch back and forth between your four 4-Hour Comics as often as you had (or ran out of) ideas for each one, so long as you “finished” all four of them within the 24 hours. So you’re going along, you hit a block, you switch comics, you keep working. And with 8 extra hours, you’ve no excuse not to finish the comics.

Of course, perhaps we ought to work in a couple more ‘practice’ 4-Hour Comics between now and then, say one in February and one in March? I’ve got an inkling of an idea for one that I’ll do before the end of February anyway. I guess it’s just a matter of trying to get it done in four hours.

Whaddya say?

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