Going softly to bed

Okie-Dokie. Going to bed now. Sleeping pill went down around 10, starting to get drowsy. Here’s to a long hard day tomorrow!

And I guess Heath has a three day weekend this weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon), so perhaps we’ll be able to get a lot of good work done before it is over.

I want to, at the very least, get the floorlamp I am working on completed and out for sale by the end of the weekend. If we can finish that and the table lamp Heath is working on, and maybe get started (or finished, if things go well) on that “table” I’ve got a piece of log laid out for, then it will be a good, good weekend.

My minimal, actual goal for the weekend is to get the floorlamp finished and out for sale. Everything beyond that is, as they say, “butter”.

Of course, there’s also moving a bunch of wood and clearing some land, and then perhaps digging a trench. Three feet deep and perhaps 100 feet long, though not a straight shot. But that should take long.

And maybe at the ends of the days I’ll be able to get some writing done instead of any of the other things I’ve been working on this month. (I balanced Quicken tonight, after not looking at it for … well, let’s just say it was pretty sure my computer’s calendar was off. I won’t even say what I did all night last night, but if I get back into working on something like that again, you’ll hear about it just as soon as something comes of it. And then getting ME’s backend working with “RSS” for a couple of days before that… and I don’t even remember what came before that. Sigh.) I have several good ideas for things to write, and perhaps the best is to just write the stories I used to tell when I was younger. Some good yarns, those.

Man, really getting pretty drowsy now. I guess I’d better get this up and lay me down. Maybe put one more chunk of wood in the fire before I go, and look forward to brighter days ahead.

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