A long night

Within the next thirty minutes I will leave this place and head down to the “DC”… one of the locations where the Arizona Republic is assembled every night by newspaper carriers. My father and sister are carriers, and in addition to helping them with assembly of tonight’s seven part paper, I will be doing additional assembly for other carriers. These other carriers will pay me, well, to help them get their papers together in time. With the papers so large, without help many carriers would simply be unable to finish their delivery in time, which would mean they lose their jobs. So, it’s worth a fair price to them to get help. Normally there are a few people who are always available to help, but for Thanksgiving, there is never enough help. So we’re all going down, my brother and I doing freelance assembly, and my father and sister doing their own routes. It’ll be a fun part of Thanksgiving as a family.

Now, this is somewhat like a tradition with us. When I was young, the Arizona Republic had special promotional papers go out on Thanksgiving. Basically paid for by the half-ton of advertisements in each paper, they would deliver a newspaper to every deliverable residence in GMPhoenix. Paying customers first, before 6AM (theoretically), and everyone else … later, as carriers could get it done. So for years the whole family would get up early on Thanksgiving morning and assemble papers for dad to deliver all morning to all the people he hadn’t already delivered to. It sure is nice to have traditions.

And then, when I get home, probably a while before my dad finishes his delivery, I get to put the turkey (pre-prepared) into the oven and try not to pass out to quickly. Because the other sister (her family in tow) is scheduled to arrive between 11 and 11:30AM. Seriously, I hope I catch a nap between 7 and 11, but … that might not happen. We’ll see how far the caffeine takes me. Hopefully it takes me through to the Trip to Phan I have planned for tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and then on Friday morning we all get to go up to Pine for a day of construction!!! If all goes well, we’ll get all the walls of the new room for Heath assembled and in place, insulated, and maybe even paneled! With luck, we’ll get some work done on the new bathroom, too! Wheee! Of course, the bathroom won’t be operational until after the new septic system goes in, but that should be any time now, depending on permits. But still, long night tonight (perhaps through to tomorrow afternoon/evening) followed by a hard day Friday.

But I’ve only got about seven thousand words left to write for my novel before the end of Sunday. And I have a couple of ideas that may take up at least five thousand of that. Maybe I can think of something else, too, and I’ll win no problem. Wheee!

Oh, and I think that as soon as I have my rough draft typed into a computer that I’ll make it available for purchase via BitPass for a reasonable fee… something like $5, since I’ll want to charge $10 for the final draft … whenever THAT comes out.

Anyway, I’m off to take some pain pills and get my shoes on, it’s almost time to go play with papers! Wheeee!

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