Thats odd

So, I was working on straightening up my room and I came across this box full of envelopes… bills and pay stubs and bank statements and the like, and I thought I’d go through and sort it out and throw away whatever was unnecessary… Take everything out of its envelope to save space, all that.

And I found, just now, that I have every bank statement from January 1999 through last month, save the January 2000 statement. Where is it? How could I save every statement but one? I’m going to go ahead and file these away in my filing cabinet, but … that missing statement is vexing.

I only keep credit card statements and other bills for about 90-120 days, so I only have a few of those, but I tend to keep bank statements and pay stubs. I haven’t sorted through all my pay stubs and unemployment stubs yet, so I don’t know which, if any, of those are missing, but… I think I’ll probably throw away the stack of MicroAge pay stubs I found … and get out the rest of them (I actually do have all of them, and all my timesheets from MicroAge) and throw them all away. I left MicroAge in January 2000; I doubt I’ll need them anyway. Of course, I’ll hold onto all the tax-related paperwork, W-2’s, etc… They say three years for individual taxes and … much longer for businesses…

This part of cleaning up always takes longer than I expect. I’ve already been sorting out papers for two hours today, and I’ve not really put anything anywhere but in piles on the floor. Hopefully this will all come together soon and I can get to sorting through the more tangible items cluttering the table. And THEN I can get to work on Betty.

Betty, a painting that shall likely be a disappointment to all. Hooray!

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