Modern Evil – Now with screen printing!

My brother and I are finally launching something that Modern Evil has needed for a long time – the availability of black shirts!

Actually, we’re launching an entire line of screen-printed shirts available in your choice of colors. We recommend black for both of our ‘launch’ designs, but feel free to choose cornflower blue or orange-poppy! We’ll print it the same, either way.

Here are representations of the two designs:

As indicated, shirts are just US$16 (plus US$3 S/H per shirt). 2XL and 3XL shirts cost US$2 more, and cannot be ordered with the buttons below. Email me if you are interested in oversize shirts.

The first design will be printed with white ink, so the letters will be white and the shirt will provide the background color. I recommend black shirts for this design. Click on this image for a pop-up, select a shirt color and size, and click the “Add to cart” button to order it via Paypal.

(insert applause here)

Shirt Color (Black recommended)

The second design will be printed in a shade of magenta ink, so the letters will be the color of the shirt and the ‘background’ behind the text will be magenta regardless of shirt color. For this design, black shirts would look good, but I also recommend colors like banana, orange-poppy, and white. Click on the small image for a larger pop-up, select a shirt color and size, and click the “Add to cart” button to order it via Paypal.

How much mouse... ?

Shirt Color

If you do not already have a Paypal account, set one up today! You can make payments from a credit card or checking account instantly at hundreds of sites, and they’ll give you a $5 credit when you first sign up. If you have already added shirts to your shopping cart, you can check out with this button:

If you do not want to pay by Paypal, I will also accept money orders and checks (though they will have to clear before I will ship any merchandise). Email me for the relevant information.


The deadline for pre-orders is Wednesday, November 5th. We will begin shipping shirts out (via USPS) on or before November 20th. We do not expect to produce any more shirts than we get orders for, so if you don’t pre-order you may never have another chance to buy these designs!

As always, my email address is, if you have questions about the shirts, want to order oversized shirts, a shirt of a color not listed, or if you want to snail mail me your payment. Thanks!

(Note: Due to the handmade nature of all Modern Evil garments, you may notice some variation from garment to garment. This is not a flaw; it is the garment expressing its own unique personality. Enjoy.)

Modern Evil is not responsible if you make an “ugly” shirt color selection. No refunds, no exchanges. Modern Evil – making people suffer and cry since 1999.

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