A little drugged-up post

I took a sleeping pill an hour ago and I’m going to go lay down now. My sleeping has been pretty off lately. Something to do with the tides or the planetary alignment or … poor time management choices… Something. Anyway, I need to get my body re-trained. Within the next couple of months I need to be able to fall asleep around 10 and wake up around 6… which is nearly 4 hours earlier than I’ve been doing lately. I just need to shift the things I’ve been doing between 10 and 1 at night to between 6 and 9 in the morning.

I didn’t get out of bed today until 11:30. Not sure I got much done today. I washed and oiled my shoes… though since I’ve never done such a thing and had no supervision or much instruction, fear I may have done it drastically wrong. My shoes are almost an entirely different color now. Oh well. They’re still shoes, I guess. What else? ummm… I finished the Mouse panel I was working on last night, and another one. You can see them when the rest of the project comes together … sometime … never… I guess. We’ll see.

I may end up doing two of the panels I can’t seem to induce anyone else to do. So, if when you get to the part with the homosexual orgy you feel that the scene is poorly rendered and ill-laid-out, it’s because I did it. I don’t have much practice drawing male anthropomorphized animals having explicit sex with each other, or even with looking at other people’s drawings of same. I found some people who did, but they turned out to be jack-asses about it, and they won’t do the panels. And no one who doesn’t have experience already is willing to tackle the panels. There are only two of them. It isn’t like … like the whole thing is about gay sex. Just a couple of panels. Sigh.

I … I know I oughtn’t have spent the $9.99, but I purchased Johnny Cash’s American IV – The Man Comes Around from the iTunes Music Store tonight. Had I broadband, I would already be enjoying the whole thing, but as it is, I’m still downloading it. Silly high-quality music files taking a long time to transmit over dial-up. One of the ones that has already downloaded is his cover of ‘Hurt’, so I’ve finally been able to properly hear that song full-through. I noticed that he actually changed a couple of words… which change the tone significantly, and I now see why people think of the song as very Christian, whereas I, having only heard the Trent Reznor original, did not see that imagery in that particular song. I mean, there are a lot of NIN songs about Christianity, but … Hurt wasn’t one of them, as far as I could see. People kept saying it was, and I kept running all the lyrics through my head, and I couldn’t see it. Now, listening carefully to Cash’s version, I see it. I see it because I couldn’t quite sing along with it.

Have I mentioned that I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month again this year? No? I’ll go make a post about it.

In the meantime, I’ve got a funny metallic taste in my mouth and a feeling like cotton balls being stuffed between my brain and my skull, and I’m become drowsy. So no more rambling tonight.

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