Have you been babelized?

There is this thing out there, and you have probably already heard about it, but I’ve just stumbled across it, and I love it. http://www.tashian.com/multibabel/ It takes the text you give it and passes it back and forth through 5 languages for a total of 10 translations (more, though slower, if you also use asian languages), and as they say, something is lost in translation.

Or is something gained? I was playing around with it, and here is some example output:

“Then desire that inhaled my hard tap and kiss my brains to the
external part, I warm up, to say it some dirty one.”

“It goes here: They are considering new woman, this Laura are indicate him. . . . I discovered recently true who the romantico
with the hearts he is _ like, I, of that D thought to him of I, to
have week definitive here, of o

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