New favorite "Joe" Photo

Okay, so I’ve blatantly ripped this photo from the Big Bang Book Tour, and taken it totally out of context. Go read their Phoenix entry to find out why “Joe” is … well… You can see for yourself what “Joe” is doing there on the right, can’t you? And you’re going to have to go read to find out! (Hah! A link to where I ripped something off from that people might actually follow! Seriously! Find out what turns “Joe” on!)

Anyway, here you go, sorry I’m a little slow, I’ve been working on other things than reading about “Joe’s” ass.

[Image removed politely at the semi-humble request of the man implicated. Names have been changed to protect … well, no, he’s not innocent. Post not entirely removed. Sorry man, but people are going to find out whether I tell them or not.]

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