Quickly, a shirt and a shaker

I should already be asleep by now, but I don’t want to keep putting off things I want to post about until they never show up.

First, a product available through CafePress (Not my design, just one I like) which is wonderful, disturbing, encouraging, and clever all at once. Maybe more. Click here to see it.

You either love it or you hate it. I love the idea, but hate that it wasn’t mine.

shaker.jpgSecond, earlier today I helped my grandfather a little with moving a very heavy thing, pictured on the right. If it seems a little blurry, it is because it is a paint shaker in the act of shaking that can of paint. Look at the design of this thing. At the various colors of peeling paint. At the layers of built up grease and grime that give it character. Appreciate the way they don’t make things anymore.


mo.jpgEnjoy the photo on the left. There’s been a lot of clamoring for photos of Mo looking less than cool at or around the Comic-Con in San Diego. As it happens, Mo was having some sort of seizure the single time I came across him in San Diego. As you can see here. Sorry I didn’t get it up sooner, but I hadn’t plugged in my laptop until today.

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