Okay, here I am

I’m in Phoenix this week. Monday through Friday. 123 through 132.

Wednesday night at around 18:30MST at the Denny’s at the intersection of 32nd Street and Bell Road, Modern Evil Virtual Book Club will be meeting. You’re welcome to join us.

Wednesday night at the Harkins North Valley theatre at 11:20PM in theatre number 8, I will be watching The Matrix Reloaded. Definitely. I have the tickets for myself and my brother and sister and father & will shortly be buying them for a couple of other friends of mine.

Thursday morning I will head down to Fry’s Electronics to buy Enter The Matrix for XBox, get the strategy guide, and some other odds and ends I need there. Then at some point during the day or evening on Thursday I will go see The Matrix Reloaded again.

I don’t seem to recall any other definite plans for my time here other than the helping my father with the construction efforts here at the house. Theoretically, my sister and I (and probably my brother as well) will head down to Tempe to shop at Utrecht & play around at Gameworks, perhaps tomorrow night… I don’t know for sure. I’d love to spend some time with my other friends, though. Maybe I could do lunch with you, or we could get together for drinks after work or something. Call me.

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