Cafepress Crisis!

Okay, here’s a new one: Because my Cafepress stores have only earned $23.69 profit in the last 5 and a half months, if I don’t earn at least another $1.31 in profit before I reach 6months, they’ll deduct a $25 fee (or the full amount owed me) from my account for having to hold onto the money for so long. I guess it’s all laid out in the modified ‘Member Aggreement’. So, here’s the real call for help:

I need to sell at least one more thing through any of my Cafepress stores within the next few days.

If I don’t, all the merchandise selling I’ve been doing will be for naught, and the SaveME bar will drop back to $61. Below are some links to my stores. Please, please, please, help me out here!

Main Store
Fresh Eggs & Fresh Milk
Need Head
Flaming Squirrel

And thanks, for your support.

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