blogcomic 135.0 A.C.

blogcomic - 135.0

So, okay, it’s late because it took me half an hour or more to draw it, but here you go. Don’t ask me about the fish. I just draw what I see. If I wanted to spend more than half an hour on it, I could have tried to draw all eight other people there, and the rest of the person whose legs are in the scene, but … This seemed right to me.

Also, I’m going to go to bed without making another post, since I have to get up in a few hours to water… But I want to complain here that no one posted a single fucking thing today (135.0). Come on! Comments about pinatas are not the extent of your daily lives, and I know it! Surely something must be going on with some of you!

I was going to make a long post about The Rules (my copy arrived today), but I only got 2/3 of the way through this afternoon because I got invited to that party thing, so you’ll have to wait to hear my take on the subject. I want to hold comments in reserve until I’ve finished it (and maybe Rules II, which arrived Saturday, and maybe another book on the rules I’ve had for a couple of weeks…), but it certainly is … something.

Of course, me taking the time to write all this has pushed me to 45 minutes after the hour. I seriously set down here at just moments before midnight, and if I could somehow have drawn faster, I might have got this blogcomic posted on the right day. By which I mean, it never would have happened.

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  1. Who’s Becky and Gary? (sorry if I missed something and you introduced them earlier)

  2. Who’s Becky and Gary? (sorry if I missed something and you introduced them earlier)

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