blogcomic 134.0 A.C.

blogcomic - 134.0

I’ve seen one or two of them, but never read them. Comixpedia did and entire month’s morth of columns and articles and interviews on the subject, but I failed to read any of it. Yet I have heard that there are people doing blogcomics, or daily journal-style comics, or comics that mirror their lives closely, or whatever, and thought that without thinking to hard about the pro’s and con’s and what other people are doing with the concept or really what the concept means to anyone else, I’d go ahead and start doing a semi-daily blogcomic.

Probably I’ll play around with it. I may move to just having a drawing with the descriptive/narrative text in the blog entry outside of the image, or I may move to not including typed text outside th eimage, or I may just run out of time and never do another one. Whatever.

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