Where will it be seen?

I have my copy right here in front of me. I actually made two copies, but one of them can only be run in a computer, while this one, labelled only ‘COPY’, has been tested to work in a standard DVD player. Now the question comes: Where should I put it? Where can I put it that it will definitely be seen? How can I be sure someone puts it in a DVD player?

Do I slip it into one of the DVDs at the local library? Do I sell it to Zia inside a used CD or DVD, and hope it makes it to a customer? Do you think I can get a Zia employee to simply give it to someone as a ‘freebie’ or rare ‘bootleg’? Maybe if I sell it online, it will have value, and certaily if someone pays for it, they’ll watch it, right?

I’d love any other suggestions. Also, anyone whose computer is set up to output to VHS, let me know; I’d love to get a VHS copy of this running around. Really, I’m just glad I got the copy made in time. Here’s to Apple!

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