tired and sore

Who’d have thought that sitting in front of my computer for the last 6+ hours, working on New Comic, would make me feel so sore all over. My neck is crying out and my back is sore and I keep noticing little aches and pains all over my body. Scratches and gouges and holes in me that just don’t make sense to have happened while working in Photoshop. An unexpected level of physical exhaustion that matches the level of mental exhaustion I had been expecting.

Oh, well, I guess it could have been the hard physical labor I was doing while the sun was up and my father was here.

Well, some of it’s from the work I’ve been doing all night, though. I didn’t realise it was so much time passing until I looked back at it. Oh, and realised I’d run two DVDs and all their special features in the corner of my computer screen while working… and look at the time. I should have been asleep ages ago.

Tomorrow I’m thinking of taking a peek at a few of the local galleries, see what’s up and what it’s priced … I’d really like to get my work shown, and depending on the rentals situation, I may just have to work something out someplace else. Whatever. It’ll be nice to get out and about.

Then tomorrow night I think I’ll be able to finish this new New Comic. I finished the final images and the layout of them tonight. Just before I started writing this, actually. I keep wanting to upload progress, to show what I’m doing. just now I almost uploaded an ultra-low-res version of the thing to show that the layout was together, but decided that it might give away what all this ridiculous anticipation has been leading up to. So, tomorrow night.


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