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Sorry, everyone. There was a problem with my backend that was preventing posts made in March not to appear on the front page of Modern Evil, but I have just finished fixing it (for everything but Mo’s blog). Something to do with the way PHP handles the ASCII value \0x30 as both ‘0’ and ‘3’ turning the month ’03’ into ”, menaing that entries posted in March were actually posted in the month null. It’s all fixed now, though.

If I hadn’t been doing this all night, I probably would have been to bed a while ago, but would also have probably posted about some nice Beetlenut pie I had Friday, and maybe about the fact that I’m going to be coming down to the valley tomorrow night and will remain in town through at least most of Monday. (Depending on what the doctors decide to do with my grandfather.) I don’t know what’s out right now, but I’m going to try to go see a movie with my sister Sunday night. Give me a call if you’d like to try to get a slice of my time in town. Leave me a voicemail if I don’t answer; there’s a problem right now with my phone not accepting calls that AT&T can’t seem to figure out but I suspect I know the reason for. Anyway, VM notifications come right through and I can make as many outgoing calls as I want right now. (Hooray unlimited weekend minutes!)

Now I really am going to bed. Stupid PHP.

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