So tired… so behind… can not stop moving…

I should be asleep by now. I am going to go to sleep now.

For the last two days I have worked until I was too sore and tired to move, then set down and read and responded to as much email as I could, read everything new on the site, and gone to sleep. Too tired to make a post.

I’m too tired to make a post right now, actually. So I’ll say that I’m too tired to make a post, but that perhaps in the next couple of days I might find the time/energy to make a proper post about what’s been going on.

Suffice it to say that we got just about everything moved to Pine today and I’m going to try to get this place clean over the next few days before I move definitively to Pine. And I’ve been too busy and tired to post or respond to emails except the most immediate. I will catch up. I assure you.

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