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noflamers.gifSo, some number of years ago I signed up for the Airtoons newsletter. Until about a week ago I never got one email from them, and then Voila! Two messages in one week! The first was to let me know the guy who runs the place had updated the site and removed the ‘clean’ version. Which is fine with me, I never looked at the ‘clean’ version. Then I got another one today, the important part of which is this:

Thanks to the people at for sticking with the globally recognizable weird ass airline safety style, I decided to parody those! Woohoo! Stop by and check them out. There are a bunch of them.

And he’s right: Woohoo!

Whether you’ve been paying attention to the government’s readiness fiasco and the potential upcoming war, these parodies are excellent. One of my favorites is at right. So, go to and check out the new … comics? They’re great!

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