Ahh, farewell…

Okay, so an entire bottle of champagne on an empty stomach, when given a chance to digest, get me just past buzzed to tipsy. But the question now is whether I go for the remainder of the everclear and tequila left in my fridge, try to finish off all the alcohol in my house before I leave Tempe, or whether I let it just sit there and eventually (likely) get thrown away. Probably I’ll go to sleep. I’ve finished the dishes and it’s late enough.

I went down to the Italian Ice place, and despite the fact that the AZ Republic article about them and their own menu/flyer says they’re open until 2AM on Friday and Saturday, their window (and the fact that they were obviously closed at 1:15AM) says they close at around 11PM. So that didn’t work. And the streets were mostly empty, since I was at least 15 minutes past last call. But I did go ahead and wander into the adult store (which I haven’t been in in at least 6-8 months, but where I used to hang out at on weekend evenings for a long, lonesome time) where ‘Starla’ was back after transferring to another location and back, basically for the duration of my not bothering to go into the store. (Actually, I only went in because I saw she was there through the front window.) Anyway, she seemed glad to see me (despite the fact that when I asked her out months and I don’t know how long ago, she turned me down), and even asked me to come back on the morrow when she was less busy so we could spend some time together before I left town. (Which is more than many of the people who claim to care about me have done in the last week.)

Anyway, I’m sure i had a point. What was it?

I like this feeling. This … my senses are dulled feeling. like numbness pressing in on me from the outside. Sleepiness, but moreso the desire to go to bed. (With someone beautiful…) I remember what it was.

So I’ve been living in Tempe for almost 6 years. I’ve been living in this house for nearly two. I don’t know ho wlong it has been going on, and I won’t explain the details (since it could result in trouble), but I’ve been living within about a block of an honest-to-goodness speakeasy for almost two years without knowing it. The weekend before I leave town (almost irrevocably), some strangers on the street deemed be worth stopping and talking to, and then when the conversation turned that way, deemed me ‘cool’ enough that they assumed I already knew that it was there, and when I did not explained it to me, where it was and how to get in &ct.

Finally, the scene I knew was here, the ‘cool’ people I’ve been looking for, make themselves evident, and it’s just days before I leave.

Speaking of which, the day I disappear may have moved back all the way to Wednesday. Which may be interesting, since it would give my stuff a full week to live in Pine without me. Oh, and because almost all my utilities will be turned off Monday. So, we’ll see how that goes. I may end up without internet access for a time anyway.

And no, I don’t know what’s going to happen with my phone. I think I’d decided that I’d like to switch over to the TDMA and keep my old number instead of paying huge cancellation fees and having to give everyone a new number until I kept running into so much trouble with trying to do so. I tried calling, but the won’t take my call between 1 and 6AM CST, because of ‘system maintenance’, which I assume means their slavesemployees are sleeping. Pardon any typing errors; I had an entire bottle of champagne on am epty stomach not too long ago. I think I’m doing quite well, considering.

I think I’m going to go to bed now. Much like last night, I may have to jump up a couple of times to make a post or write a poem or something. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. I also hope some of the insane traffic we’ve been having lately keeps coming back for more. Woo.

Where was I? Oh yes. A little explanation, perhaps. Or is it just an excuse, depending on how you look at it? Anyway. This is my last weekend in ‘the city’ for a potentially indefinite time. THis week I’m moving away from just about everything I can remember since I was 5 and into something else, 100+ miles away. No drinking or swearing or staying up late. No men or women or tentacle monsters to make friends with or hit on or try to get drunk enough they’ll follo wme home. No freshmen to take advantage of (man, I should have got started on that sooner). So a little taste of what I’m leaving behind before I leave it.

Soon it will be hard work, trees, and my grandparents. And that’s all.

Which is fine. I am going into it intentionally and gladly. Well, for the most part. As you can see here, I’m pretty panicked about having to drive, but aside from that I’d even guage my attitude about the move just downright enthusiastic.

There’s someone I wish I could kiss right now, and she knows who she is. She needs to teach me how to appreciate wines while I’m drinking them instead of just afterwards. Good night.

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