A Suspect In Your Area

The Tempe Police are right now patrolling my neighborhood, looking for a ‘dangerous suspect’. The first couple of times I heard the patrol car go by, all I could identify was that someone or something was going by with a loud radio or something. After the third time they went by, I managed to hit mute on my TV long enough to hear that … whatever it was was in Spanish. The fourth time, it was in English, but I didn’t notice it fast enough, and just made out something like “stay in your homes…”

I searched online fo rlocal news that might reveal something to me, but I couldn’t see anything. Based on the volume level, I felt I would probably have to leave my home to hear the announcement clearly. The next time it went by, I was ready for it, TV muted, myself hovering by the window… and it was in Spanish again. I opened my front door, but remained behind the sturdy metal screen door locked with a deadbolt, and after the Spanish version, it repeated again in English. Apparently, they are searching for the dangerous suspect using K-9 ‘units’, which seems like the real reason I ought to stay in my home… apparently there are attack dogs patrolling the area. Knowing me, they’ll probably think I’m a dangerous suspect. I’m staying inside.

(Also, I just noticed that Kate Hudson is younger than I am. Weird.)

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