Pinging update may slow posts

I just wanted to let everyone who posts, anywhere on Modern Evil, that I’ve just finished going through and turning on the ‘pings’ to both and for all sections of ME and all blogs hosted on ME.

This means two things.

First, and why I’m posting, is that when you post a new screen should appear in between ‘rebuilding’ and the ‘saved’ screen saying it’s pinging those two sites, and that may take a moment. Which means that posting may take a second or two longer than it already does. If anyone out there is having it take more than a full minute to post something on ME (from the moment you first hit save to the moment you see ‘done’, please email me and let me know.

Second, it means that every time something gets posted anywhere on Modern Evil or its blogs, a link back to that thing should appear on both and This will hopefully mean more random traffic to the site(s), and in turn may mean more random comments, more new authors, and who knows? Maybe a movie deal.

I admit I’m really just keeping my hopes up for a movie deal of any kind. There probably won’t be a movie deal based on pinging those sites.

So that’s that. Any questions? No? Alright then. Back to your scheduled business.

Oooh, I secretly also turned on the ‘Trackback’ features all over everything. I don’t know if anyone will ever use this, or notice this, or what, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to turn it all on.

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