further and further behind

My “circadian” rhythm for the last three months has been a little … long? 25 hours instead of 24, on the average, though actually a little less. Actually, it’s like I’m slowly travelling backwards around the world’s time zones during the month, so that my waking/sleeping schedule is a full 12 hours off around the 15th of the month. You know, because I don’t have to wake up at a specific time for work.

Except that the six or so hours off I’ll be by tomorrow morning means that making it to my morning interview will be an exciting and fun challenge. Not too hard; I’ve managed to finish putting together that web portfolio (yes, at the last minute) before one AM, which is nice, because last night I went to bed after 2, and the night before around 1:30 and so on such that I sure hope I can get to sleep right now. My body wants to stay up another couple hours at least. Except I have to wake up in the morning and try to make myself look presentable for this interview. I have excellent interview skills. I don’t remember ever interviewing for a position and not being offered it. This may be the first, considering I’m not actually as qualified as they’d like me to be.

Good thing I ironed all my clothes. Now I get to try to choose a color. I did mention that I have shirts in every color of the rainbow, right? Sorted in rainbow order, too. And eww.. hair. That just doesn’t want to behave. So, do I not try to make it behave so that the bits that would never in a million years behave look like they are part of something larger, or pretend I think all my hair is behaving my ignoring the stand-up bits? Or shave my head tomorrow morning and go in with a red, bald scalp? or die before the interview?

I’m a little upset (not too much; I might end up with a job! Yay!) that I’ll only get to see the first hour or so (less, really) of Steve Jobs’ keynote speach tomorrow. Not that by missing the end the technologies won’t be released, just that for the hour or so (or longer, who knows?) I’m away from home I’ll be just a smidge behind the curve. Look, if I could afford it, I would be an alpha geek. As it is, I end up doing things like getting the first color mobile phone to hit the market, six months before color mobile phones get big, but then can’t afford to upgrade when the better ones come out. Though I doubt I’ll be able to resist getting the new Nokia 3650 when it hits the states (assuming I have income of some kind). I saw it on the european Nokia site a couple of months ago and emailed all over Nokia requesting that it come to the US, and am now on the list of people who will be emailed when they get permission from the FCC to sell me the phone, and have mixed feelings about the ad campaign for it. See, if everyone gets it, it’s not really bleeding edge, is it? Except it has everything I’m looking for in a mobile. Polyphonic ringing, GPRS internet access, a larger color screen, a built in camera, bluetooth, everything. I literally made a list of features I’d like to see in a phone 7 or 8 months ago, and this phone is the first to have it all.

Anyway, falling behind on sleep, falling behind on bills, falling behind on tech, and falling behind on comics. After doing the first New Comic, I wondered whether they would have to be bi-weekly or monthly, since they take so long to do. After working off and on on the next one for the last several days, I’m prone to say monthly, though I had originally aimed for weekly. We’ll see. Right now, I’m going to try to get one done ASAP, and get started on the next one as well. obviously, I didn’t make weekly; there was no comic yesterday. Maybe in another four days. We’ll see. There are some impressive and time-consuming things I’m having to to in photoshop for a couple/few of the images in this comic that I won’t have to do in future comics. Except that I’ll have to do other time-consuming and difficult things instead. sigh… You like it though, right?

I’m really going to bed now. I didn’t intend for this post to be this long. Just supposed to be a short thing before hopping into bed.

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