echo off the lonely walls

    “I never meant to hurt you.”
    “I never meant to lie.”
    There is only so far that two people can go on apologies, and only so far they can go apart and still be together. When two people can’t agree on what it means to be together, they aren’t together at all.
    “I want to be with you.”
    “I can’t hear you. I’m not here at all.”
    “I wish you were. I have so much to say to you.”
    “I won’t hear you. I’m not here at all.”
    “Just to be near you. Everything would be different.”
    “I’m not near you. I’m not here at all.”
    “We’ll be so good together. I can almost see it now.”
    “Can’t you hear me? I’m not here at all.”
    When you speak to yourself, no communication exists. Look at the word and see that it requires a community. Think of a deeper meaning and see that you already know everything you have to say. Listen to your voice echo off the lonely walls and realize that there is no response, no connection, nothing but the force of your own breath coming back to bear on your ears; a punishment of sorts.
    “I love you.”
    ”    “
    “I’ll always love you.”
    ”    “
    “I know you still love me.”
    ”    “
    When you are alone, you only hear what you want to hear, because you only say what you want to be true. When there is no one there to set matters straight, how can things help from becoming a little skewed? How can an apology be denied by an empty room? There is no issue too large to be reconciled by the lonely.

(I found this, manually typed out on a single sheet of paper among other disconnected pages at least eight months old, and almost wanted to put it under Poetry here.)

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