Bittersweets 2003

Hey there, all you love-struck people out there! And by love struck, I mean you’ve been knocked around by what you thought was supposed to be a good thing and ended up bass-ackwards because of love or the lack thereof. Despair Inc. has a new set of Bittersweets for 2003. Bittersweets, for those of you who don’t already know and are too lazy to click the link, are very similar to the traditional Valentine’s Day hearts with cute phrases on them except with a twist – they have phrases like WANT2C OTHERS ? CALL A SHRINK ? I MET THE 1 ? JUST A FRIEND…

Last year they had similar candies with 17 phrases, and this year there are 37, plus an updated tin! Last year I wanted to order them, but procrastinated until they had totally sold out. This year I’d like to order them anyway. And I think you would, too.

If you live in Greater Metropolitan Phoenix and think you’d be interested in depressing candies for the lonely, I’d like to split shipping costs with you. That, and the minimum order is $9, while a single tin is only $6.95. Oh, and shipping on two is almost as much as a third tin would be (and shipping on four is actually $6.95, strangely, which would divide out to less than $1.75 each). So, err… yeah. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put together an order for us, or you can order and I’ll pay you for my share of the despair.

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