The Doom Song

A little more on Invader Zim. So, after watching the XMas special, I downloaded The Doom Song. For those of you unfamiliar with The Doom Song, I’m not sure I can convey it to you fully, but imagine Gir (if you cannot imagine Gir, give up hope of understanding) and Zim on their way to Earth for the first time. As soon as they leave the Urkin homeworld, Gir says “I’m gonna sing The Doom Song!” and then basically sings as you would expect Gir to sing, a song consisting entirely of the word “Doom” repeated over and over to a tune only Gir could have made up. The scene goes black for a moment and then comes back up, saying “Six months later” and Zim is looking very bored and very frustrated and Gir has not yet stopped singing. Zim says “Will you pleeease stop singing?”, then the computer announces that they are approaching Earth, and Gir finally reaches the end of his song.

Now, on TV this whole sequence took up only about 32 seconds. When I say I downloaded The Doom Song, I mean I downloaded a 32 second .mp3 file that consists of this scene. I have it on repeat. I have had it on repeat since last night when I downloaded it. Now, Zim became annoyed with Gir’s singing, but I’m here to tell you that in listening to what I have of The Doom Song over and over again, it is not Gir that annoys me, but Zim. Him and his computer keep talking over Gir’s rendition of The Doom Song. I think that without Zim’s voice, I could listen to The Doom Song for six months, no problem.

That is all.

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