Rebuilding ME – almost finished

Well, I’ve been working quite a bit on it and early feedback is very positive on the design and approachability of the new setup. I’ve just about got everything working the way I want it to. I may go ahead and put it up within the next hour or so, or I may put it off another couple of days until I’ve got everything exactly as I want it to be.

The way I have everything right now, if anyone posts anything anywhere other than their blogs, it will not show up on the old version of the site, so it may be in our best interests to switch over. The new design relies very heavily on thumbnail images of all comics and art to be entered into the hundreds and hundreds of entries that contain them, but that job will take at least a couple of days to do properly. Also, as I mentioned before, I’ve got to manually add the text of all the comics on the site to a hidden field in each comic’s entry so that the text in the comics will be searchable.

Did I mention that the new site is fully searchable?

I haven’t tested it in a PC-based browser yet, so there may be problems with it. If you’d like to help out, please take a look at it by going to – please email me at or leave a comment here with any feedback you have about the design, or problems with the design, or whatever. Please be as detailed as possible, and don’t forget to include what Operating System and Browser you are using (ie: Win98/IE5 or WinXP/MSN Explorer 8 or Mac OSX/Chimera 0.5). Thanks.

Ooh. I just remembered I don’t have the Shavian style in my stylesheet. I’ll have to add that now. Ohh yeah. And comments. I haven’t re-styled all the comments pop-ups.

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