Heil Santa! Heil Santa!

So, I was sitting here, trying to determine what I would watch while waiting for Taken to begin, while I get started on the last six or eight hours of work for my final Drawing assignment, and I came across the all new Invader Zim Christmas special. I tried calling around to my friends to let them know, but they either didn’t answer or didn’t have cable, so it’s just me here watching Zim convince the world he’s Santa. He’s introduced a new Christmas tradition: Everyone in the world will build a giant teleporter that will send all humans to their doom. One human seems to questions this, asking “Will being teleported to our doom be Christmas-y and fun?” Zim, of course, responds that it will, and the humans begin work as slaves to Zim.

Excellent quotes from the episode:

“Heil Santa! Heil Santa!”

“Gaz! I’m trapped in a frozen wasteland!” “Who isn’t?”

“Will you believe the giant robot boy who launched Santa into outer space, or will you believe me, the Easter Platypus? Easter shrimp for everyone!” “Yay!”

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