Crank paging

I’m not sure yet if that’s what’s going on here, but I’ve experienced this phenomenon before. So far today I have only received two calls, but I’ll let you know if it grows into the problem it was when it was really a problem. See, someone who wants to crank call you these days can’t get away with it anymore. Between caller ID and call tracing, if somone actually called you again and again to harass you, you would quickly know who it was and could press charges. But if that someone had your phone number and sent it to different pagers again and again, you’d get a lot of harassing calls that are nearly impossible to trace.

So far today, someone has paged a doctor and some other guy with my phone number. Actually, within the last 30 minutes. Luckily, since the last time someone was crank paging with my number, pager use has dropped significantly as mobile phones have become more prevalent. Oh, and most people won’t call back an unknown number. So, we’ll see.

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