I love my dryer

So, I was trying to wash the dishes and read my 2D Design homework assignment at the same time, and of course the 15-pages fell into the dishwater. I pulled them out as fast as I could, my saoking hands beginning to melt the one dry corner I was holding the pages by, and without even having to think about it went straight for my dryer. it doesn’t have a “dry out papers” mode, but I put in the shelf it came with for drying things without tumbling them, and told it to dry until the contents were “very dry”. Ten minutes later, my homework assignment is dry again, and although crinkly (ironing would fix that, but I don’t mind), totally readable. Since I leave for class in half an hour, doing anything but drying them in the dryer would have left them a soggy, runny mess by classtime. Little things like fast drying and being designed for a non-tumbling shelf are great. Hoo-ray, Maytag Neptune!

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