Coming back

I’ve been back for about a week now. I think I got my sleep schedule screwed up enough that now that I’m back into the exhausting daily schedule of getting up at 5 to work until I get home at 3:30, then getting ready and leaving for class by about 4:15 and working on whatever the exhausting project of the day is until I get home around 7:45 when I begin work on homework (usually for the opposite class, since it’s due the next day) until around midnight or whenever I get too tired to drag a pencil (or other drawing implement) across a page and I go to bed to lie awake for about an hour before I can finally get some rest before I repeat the whole thing the next day. So when I woke up this morning around the time I was supposed to be out the door for work feeling like somone who’s been woken in the middle of the night for some unexpected emergency, I wasn’t too concerned. By rushing through breakfast and not packaging lunch and riding in faster than normal I managed to only be 9 minutes late. My brain assures me that now that the “late for work” emergency is over, I ought to go back to sleep until a more reasonable number of hours have passed. Last night for some reason I took an extra 20 minutes past my exhaustion point at midnight to do a Photoshop Ping Pong volley before laying down to not fall asleep for a while longer. Yesterday at lunch I took about a 40 minute nap. I’ll try to do the same today, though with having to go buy my lunch taking twice as long as just eating a lunch I already have, I may only get an 1/2 hour. Considering I’m considering napping while I take phone calls this morning, even a few minutes of rest would be appreciated.

It’s cold outside. says it’s 58 degrees now, but that it was around 54 degrees when I rode in. Since I’m still wearing short-sleeved shirts, this was not particularly pleasant. Wasn’t it like, 105 degrees when I got home just a week ago? They indicated the high is expected to be 77 degrees today. The lows for the next two weeks stay around 59-60 degrees. This just isn’t right. I realize that in other parts of the country, and in many other countries, 60 degrees is very comfortable compared to the harsh winters experienced, but I tell you what: I just about need to wearing a coat for the bikeride into work at these temperatures. Of course, with highs next week in the high 80’s to low 90’s, I couldn’t wear said coat home. Stupid weather. I’ll see what I can do with Long-Sleeved shirts made of heavier materials. I should probably find my hat, too.

Two weeks. 20 posts in two weeks. I was sortof waiting until my last post dropped off the Most Recently Updated list on the front page before I started posting again. Two weeks though… With the highest site traffic ever. During the month of September, more people visited Modern Evil and its blogs than in any month in the history of Modern Evil, including the summer of 2000 when Iain’s comic featured oversized breasts for a while. Even in the last two weeks when I haven’t posted word one on this site, around 40% of the traffic is still on this blog alone. I guess I’m finally being listed on Google, my rockin’ domain attracting unsuspecting visitors. Still, I wish there were more independant content being added. It turns out that very few people actually look at the Photoshop Ping Pong volleys. Maybe I should advertise them more prominently on the site.

A little more on school: Due to my vacation, I am a couple of assignments behind in my Drawing class. This weekend I have to do three assignments for that class, each of which was designed to take not less than 3 hours, plus a 2D Design project that will likely take around 3-5 hours. Plus a ridiculous amount of laundry, and if there’s time I’ve got to mow my lawns soon. In the front, some of the grass comes up to the middle of my chest. Oh yeah, and sleep. I was hoping to get some extra sleep this weekend.

… I keep trying to think of what I wanted to write about, but I just keep getting back this or that about needing sleep. I think I’m going to go lay my head down for a while. I’ve been doing this long enough; I know I should be able to take these calls in my sleep. Anything is better than nothing, just like in love.

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