Too cold in here

I just want to say this: I don’t live in the desert because I want 71 degree air blowing over me 9 hours a day in the summer and 45 degee air blowing over me 9 hours a day in the winter.

I guess someone’s too warm in the next building over, so I’m freezing here. I remember once, long ago, when tech support was alone in the third building, furthest from everyone else and able to control the light levels and thermostats. We kept most of the migraine-inducing lights off, and the temperature around 82 degrees, and we liked it that way. It would be that way where we are now, except that instead of majority ruling, a single voice of dissidence is enough to overrule any decision or suggestion. I think that’s a big part of the problem with the way most things are run these days; find the person who would be most offended or upset by the smallest possible change and use their reactions to create guidelines for everyone else.

If I were alone in thinking it was too cold and too bright, I would obviously be that one person I’m saying shouldn’t be able to shift guidleines by whining a little. I’m not the only one. Several times a day, every day, everyone in tech support, and often people simply walking near tech support, agree that it is too cold and too bright here. When I go outside to warm up, I am not alone, and I hear people mutterring complaints about the cold and rubbing their flesh as you normally only see in the deep of winter here. But someone thinks it’s too warm, so we all have to suffer.

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