Re: Anniversary of Doom

I was going to try to let this one slide, but three or four too many sites with sappy, introspective, out-of-character posts have pushed me over the edge. The banner ads all being replaced by candles, that’s nice. Yahoo becoming shades of grey, I can deal with, since I never go to Yahoo. The Onion almost made up for everyone else, but … not quite.

You know what I think? I think that all this sentimentality and pseudo-grieving from people who knew no one involved, live thousands of miles away and were unaffected in their actual day-to-day life by one little aggressive act on our shores in over 50 years of innocence should just fuck itself to hell. There is no reason for it. More people have died in car crashes since the bombing than died in the bombing. More people have died from heart failure by orders of magnitude in the same time period. Mourn for them, if you knew them.

If you knew someone who was killed or injured in the incident, go ahead and take this opportunity to remember them. If you lost someone to something less newsworthy but more important to your life this year, remember them instead of some thousands of strangers on the other side of the map. If you lost your job because you worked in a building no longer standing, but experienced no loss of human life, count yourself lucky. If you’ve lost nothing, then shut up.

My 2 scents.

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