Feels like the weekend

Finally, the opportunity to go to bed a little early. Most of today felt like it was leading into the weekend, simply because I knew I didn’t have to come home from class and do hours and hours of homework for the next day. I came home, checked my email, watched a bit of TV, and in a couple of minutes, I’m headed off to bed. To sleep. Hooray!

I think I’ve almost worked out when I’ll have time to work out on the Bowflex, and it isn’t pretty, since its mostly weekends. I’m going to see what I can do about getting ahead on assignments, even just a little, so that I won’t be completely out of time every M-Th, but I’m not sure the teachers want to reveal what we’re going to be doing before we do it. Still, I must do well in these classes. I’m in school because I choose to be, and I just have to remember that when it seems hard; this is what I want to be doing (or a pre-requisite to get to what I want). Like working out being a pre-requisite for the body I want to have.

I’m going to sleep now. I’ll try to post more tomorrow. Shouldn’t be hard. It’s only Friday. Just work! Easy!

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