On time vs. Late to work

Several weeks ago, when I was informed that I would be covering the 5AM shift for Brian, they told me that he would be back today, the 5th. Which means that I would come in at my normal time today, the 5th. I verified this and wrote it down before Brian left, and I have had at least two discussions with Chris (who is in charge of such things as making sure people’s shifts are covered) while he was gone about the subject of not having to wake up so early any more this year as of today, since Brian has used up every form of time off he had available. So this morning I came in at 6AM, fully expecting to see Brian sitting at his desk taking calls.

Except Brian wasn’t there.

When Chris showed up at 6:30, I asked him, and he tells me that he ‘would never have told me that’ Brian was coming back today. He has no idea where I got this impression. I have it written down in two places so I wouldn’t forget which days I needed to wake up early, so I know that however it was communicated to me originally, someone wasn’t clear.

So based on all the information given to me before I arrived today, I was on time. But in the eyes of the man who keeps track of who is late, I was a full hour late today.

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