The amazing disappearing comment!

Like the post and its response I just posted, this is a post and response from Itchy Feet. I have included my mother’s original post and the response that she deleted and then tried to block me from posting.

Must be the Alien Experiments

Sometimes I have to ask where in the world did these people come from?
I have been doing family tree research as of late and tracing branches of the family back to the 1600’s in the United States and prior to that it appears they came heavily from Ireland, and England with just a bit of Germany and Italy tossed in to the mix.
But nothing can explain where these people came from.
I can at least be thankful that the whiney bitch that thinks 20 friends are not good enough and it should have been closer to 200, is not related to me.

I have said many times that I have good kids. I guess that means that they arn’t openly schisophrenic and none sitting in jail.
Then again I would rather someone came out as insane, than thinking they were “omni-sexual” whatever bullshit that represents. Now the last statement made by that person that claims to be coming out has told me that he had never had sexual relations with anyone. I assume that is a lie. One can not choose to be any-sexual if they do not choose to have sex.
As far as talking or not talking to my children about their sex lives, no problem. I know alot about sex and its … perversions and what is acutally a satisfying sex life, and frankly I am not afraid to talk about any detail of it. However I will never attempt to pry personal details out of anyone about thier goings on.
Just as some people know how to push others away when they are claiming to be trying to establish relationships, they think that it is invisible when they are trying to set their own mother off by talking about same sex relationships.
Once I understand the topic and motivation, it is hard to ruffle me with a little lewd verbal flaunting. It of course was this person who had to hang up on me and claim, “I have nothing further to say to you at this time”.
Despite his best efforts it is he who hangs up on me, and not me on him. I think he wants me to hang up on him. He wants me to reject him as he gets others to reject him too.
Never fear!
I do reject him!
I reject that he knows what the hell he is talking about. There is no omni-sexual humans. men do not have menstral cycles where they hold water as women do. (I must explain this one a bit. Women have hormonal changes once a month because their bodies are preparing to grow a baby. When the extra fluids are no longer needed and the lining to the uterus usefull, then the body rids itself of it, and the cycle starts again, always preparing to grow a baby. Men do not grow babies, they have sperm and ejacualte at the ready all the time and do not replenish it once a month. It is more likely that the moon and the tide effects the body because of gravitational pull and that is why insanity is deemed lunatic, because lunatics go off more during the full moon, or maybe it is just the alien visits that effect the lunatics bodies )
Am I accepting of his sexual orientation? (whatever it may be)No, of course not. He was born a male child (I remember stressing over the circumcision question alot), he was attracted to females long before he was attracted to males. He is just trying to make waves, trying to prove in more ways that he is unique and different from all other humans. ( I think it is referred to as delusions of grandure).
He doesn’t claim to be chosen of God to be a perfect man, and he doesn’t claim that he has seen a vision of the virgin mary in his plate of enchiladas, but he does have several other delusions that qualify him as suspect.
Some of you reading this may think it is rude of me to say such things that might embarrass the poor young man, but get over it, there is no embarrassment worse than “coming out”.
He might as well raise a flag and say, “Hey look at me, I am a sex addict, if it moves I get turned on by it!. “

Ahh but no, he is special, he is “omni-sexual”. Ahh the uniquness of it all. Lucky him. It is not surprise that he surrounds himself mostly with people with the morals of houseflys. That is what he professes that he wants to do to. He hasn’t done enough of it yet and needs more. Goody for him. But then I have already said that I think he has been lying about more than his attraction to men, I think he has openly lied or mislead in his statements about any sexuality.

There ya go, you posted so I would post back, now you have it! Yeah you are still my son, but you are a stupid, egotistical, selfish fool. Who thinks he can impress people with being ultra-unique. Get a clue (the kind you need are cheap, just take a step back into reality).
I used to be impressed with your IQ and your quick wit. But it gets old real quick when you pervert it into a quest to be Mr/Ms Sexually Unique.
By the way when you get it on, are you the man or the woman?
Ha! that is so lame! lesbians use dildos and claim they don’t need men, then why the need to imitate one? gay men have a dominate male/passive female relation, so who are they fooling.. oh thats right themselves.

You really should check into getting t-shirts that say “Fuck off Teel” and just hand them out to people when you meet them, cause they will need it later when you finally push them away hard enough.
Posted by Fluff at June 10, 2002 10:10 PM

First, I would like to clarify that I never claimed to have a “menstrual cycle”. I am keenly aware that I do not menstruate. Yet I am also aware that about once a month I have symptoms similar to those women assume they own wholly. If it is the moon and the tides or some chemical imbalance or something wholly psycho-somatic makes no difference; the symptoms are real. If you choose not to believe me, about this or anything else, that is your prerogative.

Sexual orientation has a lot more to do with attraction and interpersonal relationships than it does with how much and how often someone does or does not have sex. Of course, the gender of the people that they choose to have sex with is usually related to who they are attracted to, and who they are having interpersonal relationships with. Just because I have chosen to abstain from sex doesn’t make me any less attracted to guys (or girls) any more than a devout Christian abstaining from sex until marriage is relieved from experiencing attraction as a result. Nor does it mean that I lack a sexual orientation, any more than a virginal bride lacks a sexual orientation the day before her wedding. Your statements are ridiculous.

When I breached the topic of same-sex relationships, it was not to “set you off”, just as it was not my intention to “set you off” with my posts today. The point is to be honest with you (and with myself and anyone else who chooses to read my site) about my life and my choices. Hanging up on you, as I mentioned, was over an hour later when you said flat out that you “refuse to accept that there could be any other way to understand” what i had written, which had been understood by everyone else who read it, and myself who wrote it, to mean something other than what you chose to believe. If you’re going to admit that you refuse to see that there could possibly exist truths other than the ones you have chosen, there is no reason to continue communicating with you. Which you also rejected, resulting in my disconnection of our call.

I don’t want you to reject me. if I wanted you to reject me, I would probably have been more open with you about my attraction to the same sex when I was 13 or 14 instead of 23. Except my impression at that time was that if I did so, I would be severely beaten and perhaps tossed out on the street or subjected to some bizarre spiritual cleansing, none of which would change the fact (the fact) that I am attracted to men. Even a year ago when the topic came up on my website, I could see your reaction was strong and emotional and actually what I had expected, so I told you what you wanted to hear (which is still as true now as it was then), that I have not at this time engaged in sexual intercourse with either men or women, and do not have any immediate plans to do so. Still, against the recommendations of everyone I know that knows you, I decided that continuing to hide this part of me (that’s right; it’s been a part of me the whole time – it’s not just a decade-long phase I’m going through) from you was doing more harm to me than the truth could do to you.

Are you accepting of my sexual orientation (whatever it may be)? No. Which means that even if my sexual orientation were monosexual, heterosexual, straight-and-narrow, boring breeder, you would not accept my sexual orientation. So why bother hiding the truth from you? As far as “trying to make waves” goes, I can’t imagine what the benefit of lying about this to you would be, or where you think these “waves” will propagate. Everyone I know but you and dad that I have had any sort of contact with in the last six months either knows or has known for years that this is the truth. If you want to believe that I was attracted to girls before I was attracted to boys, that’s fine; at least some part of you is beginning to acknowledge that I am attracted to boys. Oh, and as to whether you can embarrass me about my own sexuality: you cannot. That’s what we mean by “Pride”; we’re not embarrassed about who we’re attracted to, not matter what others may think of it.

It’s really too bad that you can’t see more to someone with a sexual orientation other than your own as anything but having the “morals of houseflies.” There really can be a lot more to same-sex relationships than just sex, just as there really can be as little to opposite-sex relationships as just sex. People are people, no matter who they’re attracted to, and how much they choose to have sex or abstain from sex.

As far as whether I am more aggressive or submissive, top or bottom, dominant or passive in any sexual or non-sexual situation; it depends. Because I have a mind open to more than one idea, I am able to choose a role appropriate to my relationship with the person, our moods at the time, and maybe the position of the moon. I am not defined by societal norms of how people with a similar genetic makeup should behave, but like many of the more enlightened people in the world, choose my own role in life.

On pushing people away: it is something I have definitely done in the past, and wish to avoid in the future. I have made a lot of progress that you are clearly not aware of in this and many other areas of my personal development, though I agree that I have more work to do, more development to make. In the last few years the problem has not been my pushing people away, but my not pursuing them actively enough that has reduced the number of people I spend time with, and my frequency of ‘romantic’ relationships. Your advice and feedback on my not following through was helpful, and I have made progress even in the time since out conversation in correcting my behaviour. Despite the fact that you apparently thought the point of that part of the conversation was to “set you off.”
Posted by Teel at June 11, 2002 11:24 AM

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